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Team Wushu

We realize that not everyone has the same passion for Wushu that we do. There are some, however, that love wushu just as much as we do, and really want to make a commitment to go as far as they can whether it’s to get into the movies, go do demonstrations at their school or local festivals, or become an Olympic champion. We encourage these students to go as far as they can and join our Team Wushu classes because we were once just like them!

These team wushu classes are by invitation only, and as such have stricter requirements to be a part of them. Not only do our team members have to be good at wushu, they also have to be good teammates and be supportive of their fellow students. They have to be a good role model for those kids who have just joined the program as well as those any younger than they are. This also means they need to be doing well in school. We know the importance of balance and as such, we need our team members to have this balance in their lives.

Our team will also participate in competitions and performances in addition to going out to serve the community at least once a month. We find this to be an enriching experience for our students and hope to help them grow to become community ambassadors.

If you have any questions, or would like you or your child to become a member of our school’s team, please feel free to stop by or contact us! We look forward to hearing from you!