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Taiji (Tai Chi)

Wushu Unlimited has years of experience teaching the people of Monrovia the techniques, methodology, and philosophy of awareness and inner calm that is the core of taiji.

Are you looking for some way to get active but not quite sure you’re up for a lot of high impact moves? Have you heard a lot about people doing Taiji (Tai Chi) and the great benefits it has for their joints and emotional state, but never knew where you could go and try out a class? Have you been wanting to lose some weight but worry that you can’t keep up in an aerobics class or on a treadmill at the gym? Well our taiji classes are for you.

Taiji (also known as Tai Chi) is an internal martial art developed in China around the 12th century. It emphasizes both defense training and health benefits. Taiji is known for its graceful poses and fluidity of movement. It has been shown to improve flexibility, balance control, and cardiovascular fitness in addition to lessening stress and other psychological issues such as ADHD.